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July 25, 2017

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Introducing MarTech Enablement - MarTech tools landscape of 2017

The landscape of technology in digital marketing has evolved significantly. In a recent study that polled over 600 marketers performed by Scott Brinker at, 89% of respondents agreed that marketing today is at least “equally art and science” with almost 44% of those respondents stating that marketing is “more science than art.” The implication of this line of thinking is that marketing technology (MarTech), the science of marketing, is playing a much greater role in the current and future state of digital marketing.

This rapid change is putting tremendous pressure on CMOs to evolve their departments to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive marketplace. At GeekHive we are hearing this from our customers every day. There are several common themes to these conversations:

  • The desire to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace through MarTech along with a fear in delaying MarTech adoption.
  • Upper management requiring quantification of marketing spend or ROMI (return on marketing investment) which is driven by the shift of marketing technology budget from IT to the marketing organization’s budget.
  • Increased customer expectation regarding a sophisticated digital interaction with your brand.

With the complexity and interplay of technology in marketing today, marketers are looking for a practical way to take advantage of MarTech. They are reading articles telling them they need “digital transformation” and “digital maturity,” but how do they do that?

To help, at GeekHive we’ve developed a process called “MarTech Enablement” which we are using to great success with our customers.

The definition of MarTech Enablement is:

MarTech Enablement is the process of bringing marketing and technology together to create the team, define the strategy, identify, implement and integrate the tools, and execute the processes that enable an organization to engage most effectively with their customer. Ultimately, it’s getting the right information at the right time into the hands of marketers so they can effectively engage their customers to build brand, market products and services, and assist the sales organization.

Starting in August, I will be releasing a series entitled: “The MarTech Enablement Series – A Nine Part Practical Guide to MarTech Enablement” on Martech Today to share with marketers an approach to a successful enablement of MarTech within their organization.

Now, more than any time before, technology is front and center in running a successful marketing organization. This series will lay out the ideas behind MarTech Enablement, provide a roadmap for implementation of MarTech Enablement, and get marketers to a place where they are armed to succeed in the area of MarTech Enablement.

Update November 2017: You can find the entire Martech Enablement Series on Martech Today here.

GeekHive, founded in 1997, is a leading domestic MarTech Enablement partner. We know what it takes to create a successful digital program from strategy to implementation to ongoing refinement and support and we love nothing more than coming up with technical solutions and strategies to solve the complex MarTech puzzles our clients face. When failure isn’t an option, our partners count on us, and we make it our personal mission to exceed their expectations, every time.


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