The Value of Slowing Down in a World that Moves too Fast

June 27, 2017

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The Value of Slowing Down in a World that Moves too Fast

The world is moving at a faster pace than ever before. We think, feel and operate differently than any generation before us. I’ve been in the technology industry for over 20 years and I’m still blown away by the ways technical innovation has changed human interaction; people text to communicate, swipe their fingers to find a date and use Uber to hail a cab. What’s missing most with all of the technical innovations we’ve made is person to person interaction and relationship building. Is this actually hurting our businesses?  I’ll ask you, what matters most to you, is there actually value to slowing down in this world that is moving at breakneck speeds, not just in your own life, but in the business you conduct?

Can taking a step back actually lead to business growth?

In business, there’s a need to be agile, rapidly responding to our customers’ needs and the market’s demands. There’s a desire to see data instantaneously, results even faster and ROI at lightning speed.

But is participating in our swiftly moving business world the only key to success and growth? Or is there value to taking things slowly?

At GeekHive we measure our success with our customers based on their experience working with us and the outcomes we deliver for them. While it’s important for us to be an agile company that can respond to their needs and deliver rapid ROI, it also remains true that their businesses aren’t nameless/faceless entities represented by a logo or a tagline to us, they’re a collection of people first and foremost.

This is something we always fundamentally knew, but it was when we took the time to consider it, and let it change the way we conducted business, that led to unparalleled growth for our organization. Read all about how we made the Inc. 5000 fastest growing private companies in America list and grew 41% in 2015 because of it.

What really drives your customers?

People, in our experience, are all driven by similar things both personally and professionally. They’re looking to get out of their professional lives, the same types of things they want from their personal lives – meaningful relationships that grow and are fostered through mutual care and respect over months and years.

There are certainly many new, fast emerging facets to today’s business world that are necessary to be successful but there are long-standing characteristics of humanity that haven’t been “swiped” away by the current state of business. Like the aging of fine wine or the slow-cooking of a delectable meal, being committed to patiently and persistently delivering great experiences and outcomes to your customers is critical to building stable growth in your company.

“Improving customer retention rates by 5 percent can increase profits by as much as 95 percent.” – Bain & Company via Harvard School Working Knowledge as sited on Viable.

When you slow down and recognize these needs, you can take time to build relationships that last, and that has a huge impact not only on your quality of life, but on your business.  If you feel like you are out of practice with this you’re not alone, check out these 11 tips from Inc. Magazine on how you can build better business relationships.

Peter Ladka, President/CEO, GeekHive

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