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June 6, 2017

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GeekHive's May 2017 Blog Post Roundup

We went to DrupalCon, launched our account management division, indexed content in Azure Search, celebrated our new space and introduced Sitecore.Ship Utils for VSTS! Read on to find out what you missed in May! 

May 1st: GeekHive’s April Blog Roundup

Have you missed any of our April blog posts? Have no fear, you can find them all here, with short descriptions so you can quickly narrow down your interests!

May 2nd: Press Release: GeekHive Focuses on Client Relationships with the Elevation of Account Management

We are focused on creating sustainable growth through our commitment to facilitating exceptional experiences for our partners. To achieve this, we launched an account management division, headed up by Tim Butler. Read more here!

May 9th: Viewing Indexed Azure Search Content in Sitecore XP 8.2 Paas

Learn how to view indexed content in Azure Search (a pivotal requirement for development) via the Azure Portal Search Explorer application in this post by developer John Rappel.

May 12th: DrupalCon 2017 Takeaways from Our Team

Check out these DrupalCon 2017 takeaways that will set the tone for what to expect in the coming year in the Drupal space!

May 17th: GeekHive’s Mission, Vision, and Values

Every business decision we make is entrenched in our values. In this blog post, Chief Experience Officer Mike Caccavano talks mission, vision, and values.

May 19th: GeekHive Celebrates New Space with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

In this blog post, we celebrated our move, expansion, and renovation of a 13,000 square foot office in the heart of Warwick, NY with a ribbon cutting event!

May 24th: A Day of Celebration Introducing GeekHive’s New Space

Here’s a recap of our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Reception told (mostly) through pictures of our new space and a sneak peak of some of our favorite locations in Warwick, NY!

May 30th: Introducing Sitecore.Ship Utils for VSTS

Steve VandenBush, Technical Lead, just made the build and deployment process easier for you with Sitecore.Ship Utils for VSTS, try it today!

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