Press Release: GeekHive focuses on client relationships with the elevation of Account Management

May 2, 2017

Blog | News | Press Release: GeekHive focuses on client relationships with the elevation of Account Management
GeekHive elevates client engagement, Tim Butler to head Account Management Division

NEW YORK, May 2nd, 2017 —GeekHive, a member of the Inc. 5000 Fastest growing companies, and technical partner for both Fortune 500 companies and top digital agencies has once again pushed client relationships to the forefront of their business objectives.

For the past several years GeekHive has focused on creating sustainable growth through their commitment to creating exceptional experiences for their partners. To achieve this goal, GeekHive has invested a great deal of energy in defining and improving the client journey. Through this discovery, GeekHive has newly launched an account management division to handle the customer journey effectively and deliver on the brand promises to their clients.

Heading up this new division is veteran GeekHive team member Tim Butler, who’s seamlessly stepping into the role of Director of Account Management.

“In my previous role, I learned the importance of client engagement and relationship building first-hand. Our website support team works with customers not just on a project to project basis, but over sometimes many year engagements improving and supporting their digital assets. This really helped me to see the customer journey, their pain points, and what it takes to deliver exceptional experiences and services, not just for the launch of a single project, but to maintain long-standing relationships that continuously deliver on customer needs and expectations. It’s been a natural progression to expand what we learned there across the entire organization to give our customers the best possible experience with us.”

As Director of Account Management, it is Tim’s focus to strategically drive transformation for our clients by ensuring they receive an exceptional experience when engaged with GeekHive. Working with both direct clients and agency partners, it is his responsibility to help manage and grow all relationships to better serve our clients on an ongoing basis. Internally Tim works with the GeekHive team to consistently improve the customer journey based on their feedback.

Media Contact:  Shannon Brennan-Cressey,

Shannon Brennan-Cressey

Director of Digital Marketing
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