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April Blog Roundup

May 1, 2017

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GeekHive's April Blog Roundup

We went to Drupalcon, got personal with SXP, made Azure Search Configuration easy, and featured one of our technical partners in April. Read on to find out what you missed.

April 1st: GeekHive’s March Blog Roundup

If you missed any of our posts in March, including our wildly popular post by developer Steve VandenBush Artifact Promotion Deployments: Sitecore Built in the Cloud, fear not! You can find them all here, with short descriptions, so you can narrow down your interests quickly.

April 3rd: We got Personal at the First Sitecore User Group for GreenBay

At our first Sitecore user group we discussed personalization in Sitecore Experience Platform and the importance of setting goals and using data to see how well you know your customer. Read this post to learn about personalization from Rick Bauer of Perficient.

April 12th: Bare Minimum Azure Search Configuration

What are the best practices when it comes to Azure Search Configuration in Sitecore? To keep things simple, Developer John Rappel created a repository to hold a custom Azure Search Index that accounts for all of the reference sections and significantly reduces the size of the Index Configuration.

April 19th: Why Should you Attend Drupalcon?

Drupalcon 2017 just finished, maybe you were there, maybe you missed it, either way, there are several reasons you should attend. Learn the top 6 reasons in this post by long-time attendee Drew Nackers.

April 26th: What’s the Pantheon Difference?

In this interview post, Pantheon’s Agency and Community Engineer Steve Persch sat down with Developer Drew Nackers to discuss the benefits Pantheon offers as a hosting provider. If you’re on Drupal, WordPress, or checking out hosting providers, you won’t want to miss this one!

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