A Day of Celebration Introducing GeekHive’s New Space

May 24, 2017

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GeekHive's new space - Ribbon cutting ceremony celebration

Last Friday, we celebrated our new space with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Reception. Before we kicked off the party, we had some of our VIP clients and partners come to town for the day to enjoy some of the best our area has to offer – wineries and distilleries!

Here’s a recap of the day, told (mostly) in pictures since they are worth a thousand words…

Before our clients arrived we took some photos of our team outside of our building. In the photos you’ll see our team (except for those who were away on vacation or were unable to fly in for the event), our leadership team, and Peter Ladka our President and CEO along with our first two, and longest standing, employees Jay Oliver CTO and Laraine Rodano our office administrator (notoriously camera shy).

GeekHive's staff at their new space

Once our technology and agency partners started arriving we gave them a quick tour of our space and headed over to Warwick Valley Winery for a wine tasting and lunch. The day was absolutely beautiful, the company even better, and the food and drinks straight out of a Tuscan winery tour.

Warwick Valley Winery also has a distillery a few miles away where their Black Dirt Bourbon and Ciders are made. The tour we received was awesome! The presenter was funny, knew everything there was to know about the process, and the bourbon was top-notch.

GeekHive takes clients to tour Warwick Valley Winery's Distillery

When we returned to the office it was time for our official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony hosted by the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce. Warwick’s Mayor, Michael Newhard, and Town Supervisor, Michael Sweeton, held the Ribbon as Peter did the honors and Michael Johndrow, Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, said a few words.

Many other members of the chamber and community turned up to support us, in fact, Michael Johndrow said it was the largest crowd he’d ever seen gather for a ribbon cutting ceremony! We believe it’s because we care so much about our community and have so many ties to the people and organizations here, including Beautiful People, the non-profit that Peter started over 10 years ago.

GeekHive's Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Afterward, it was time to head inside for Peter to say a few words. He focused on his vision for GeekHive, our space, and how much our people first value has driven our organization to where it is today. “This is just a building but the company, GeekHive, is the people and I’m so grateful for all of you.” We facebook live streamed it, you can watch it here (sorry for the poor quality!).

Peter designed the space himself. He envisioned a welcoming, rustic industrial space so he brought in a lot of natural wood elements to balance out the warehouse setting. He also wanted many lounge areas and an open floor plan so people could move around and collaborate with one another. The beautiful craftsman barn doors and desktop/conference room tables were all made by a local company based out of Pine Island – Warwick Valley Iron&Wood – who did an amazing job.

GeekHive's President and CEO Peter Ladka gives a speech

After the speech, we relaxed, mingled, and enjoyed delicious local foods and beverages with our guests. Since many were coming from NYC or further, we wanted to make sure we gave them a taste of what Warwick has to offer, and what makes it so special. We featured many local eateries including an ice cream cart full of flavors (with assorted toppings) from Bellvale Creamery, a donut wall from Daddy’s Donuts & Bake Shop and assorted appetizers from Sweet Onion Brewhouse, Bellvale Market, and The Blarney Station.

GeekHive's Ribbon Cutting Celebration and New Space

We couldn’t have made the day so perfect without the help of Giselle Morell-Marin and her team at Dreamality Events.

A HUGE thank you to our partners, community members, and everyone who took the time to come out and support GeekHive for our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, you made the day a true celebration!

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