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We Got Personal at the First Sitecore User Group for Green Bay

April 3, 2017

Blog | News | We Got Personal at the First Sitecore User Group for Green Bay

Last week we (myself, Steve VandenBush [GeekHive], and Mark Servais [Velir]) held the first meeting of the Green Bay Sitecore User Group. After wading through the pizza, beer and great company- attendees were privy to a fantastic personalization presentation by Rick Bauer of Perficient.

Sitecore Personalization

What did we learn?

Rick’s presentation covered all aspects of personalization. It was well suited for marketers as well as developers. He explained his methodology for guiding clients into the full personalization spectrum. The key is to start slow and to obtain data. Often, he found, clients think they know their site visitors, but the data can sometimes prove otherwise.

Before data is collected, assign goals. Goals will be assigned to pages by default, but other interactions may require developer intervention to achieve. Goals should be based on a 0-100 scale, however, some goals may actually be negative (think someone abandons a checkout on an eCommerce site).

After goals are assigned, begin data collection. This phase of the implementation helps clients understand where to focus their attention. Allow data collection to run 1-3 months to provide plenty of data.

With sufficient data, it is now time to start A/B tests, building personas and fine tuning the site to be more user-friendly. Identify different visitor types and tailor their content specifically to their interests – without them even noticing.

The Sitecore Rules Engine is incredibly powerful. It is the mechanism from which personalization is achieved. The built-in rules are often enough to achieve complex personalization, though if they are lacking, developers can swiftly add new rules to accomplish the desired outcome.

What did attendees think?

Group Shot

Guests witnessed an inviting atmosphere with regular-productive tangents from the presentation. Almost every slide or demo sparked new conversations that included the entire group. We discussed impacts on visitors, implementation times, and virtually every other nuance that one would need to know in order to get the full experience of Sitecore XP.

What’s next?

We are still in the planning phase for the next meeting, though we are anticipating a schedule of every-other-month. If you wish to stay up-to-date with announcements, keep an eye on our blog, or even better – join our LinkedIn group. We are open to suggestions for: a new location, new time, new day, and topics. Even if a particular topic doesn’t fit your needs, the knowledge contained within the attendees offers a tremendous environment to flush out any topic or question that you may have. The atmosphere is loose and all levels of developers, marketers, and managers are welcome to attend.

See you next time!

John Rappel

.NET Practice Lead
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