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Introducing Coast for Sitecore Version 3.0

February 21, 2017

Blog | Development | Introducing Coast for Sitecore Version 3.0

Copy and paste Sitecore items even faster than before, with version 3.0 of Coast for Sitecore.  The new release of Coast for Sitecore retains the core ability to move items quickly between databases, server, and versions while reducing install and operating time.

Download Coast for Sitecore v 3.0 in the Marketplace.

Please find the original release to review some of the core capabilities.

The latest release of Coast for Sitecore contains enough enhancements, that we skipped over version 2.0 and went straight to 3.0. Version 3.0 contains the following improvements:

  • Installation reduced to a single package installation with no extra steps
    • Completely silent install, no overwriting necessary
  • Removed reliance on the MaxJsonLength in web.config limit that added an extra step to the installation/deployments
  • Drastically improved loading performance of the dialog by removing reliance on SPEAK UI components in favor of Sheer Dialog
  • Ability to select the latest version of an item (or tree) instead of defaulting to the fully serialized item
    • This in turn, improves performance for larger copy-paste operations
  • Added configuration setting for the threshold of data (in bytes) to allow for copying to a clipboard.  If threshold is reached, serialized content is downloaded as a file instead.  The Paste operation now supports file upload.
  • Compacted UI and more descriptive verbiage to guide user
  • General refactoring of codebase to improve performance of all operations

Watch our tutorial video to walk through the install process and various use-cases:

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