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GeekHive’s January Blog Roundup

February 1, 2017

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GeekHive's January Blog Roundup

2017 is flying by, can you believe we are already into the 2nd month of the year? Us either! Check out what we’ve been up to over the last month on our blog. 

January 3rd: GeekHive’s December Blog Roundup

If you missed any of our posts in December, including our top picks of 2016 and year in review post, fear not! You can find them all here, with short descriptions, so you can narrow down your interests quickly.

January 10th: Interview with GeekHive’s Tech Director Kevin Varley

In this interview with Kevin, you get the inside scoop on what it means to be a Geek, insider client tips, developer advice, and insight into our technology process.

What is our strategy and assessment process when a new project begins?

To begin with, we focus on trying to understand what problems our clients are trying to solve and where any existing pain points might be.  It’s more important to understand that before we start talking about technology, tools, and platforms. When we have a better understanding of the Why, then we can move on to the How. – Kevin Varley, Technical Director at GeekHive

January 17th: What is the Difference Between Smart Publish and Republish?

In our most popular post of the month, Developer John Rappel explores Sitecore Publishing tools Republish and Smart Publish to find out how they differ, what they help you do, and when to use them.

Since assumptions often lead to development issues, I wanted to understand exactly what the difference was between the two so that if one didn’t work properly, I would have an understanding of what was executing in the code in order to intelligently address the problem. To try to get to the bottom of it, I reached out and asked a few other seasoned Sitecore pros…Turns out there’s a lot of confusion on this very topic so I took it upon myself to dig deeper. – John Rappel, Developer at GeekHive

January 24th: How to Show the Folder Editor in Sitecore CMS

This is the 33rd in a series of posts about learning how to use and develop for Sitecore CMS. In this tutorial, developer Tim Leverett explains how to show the folder editor on non-folder items in Sitecore CMS

January 31st: Introducing WFFM to Salesforce Connector

Hey marketers, this one is for you! Developer John Rappel was immersed in a project and engaging with our customer’s marketing team when a challenge arose for them that didn’t have a simple solution. He set out to solve their problem and in the process created a module that enables Sitecore and Salesforce to communicate in an easy to follow, extensible manner allowing our clients to make use of their newly implemented CMS to help arm the sales people in their organization with actionable data from the website. Another reason to have a website support team who understands your business and doesn’t say “bye” once your project wraps!

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