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GeekHive’s November Blog Roundup

December 1, 2016

Blog | News | GeekHive’s November Blog Roundup
GeekHive's November Blog Roundup

It’s been another busy month here at GeekHive and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. Here’s a list of all of the posts we published in November in case you missed any…

November 1st: GeekHive’s October Blog Roundup

In our first blog roundup, you’ll find all of October’s posts including developer focused Sitecore how-to’s, new technology explorations, business strategy, and Drupal development.

November 3rd: Enhanced Scrolling in Sitecore Shell

This post is a good old fashioned how-to, by developer Tim Leverett, designed to support developers and also clients as they learn best practices for their Sitecore installation.

November 7th: Introducing Coast for Sitecore

Developer John Rappel is a bit of a perfectionist and when he comes across a tricky problem, he won’t rest until he finds a solution. John created Coast for Sitecore, a module all developers and authors can use to quickly and efficiently move items between databases, instances, and versions. Helpful videos included!

November 15th: Contribute to Coast for Sitecore

We want to encourage our fellow developers to contribute to the Coast for Sitecore module, and this post explains how to set up a project and create a new package so that you easily can.

November 22nd: Sitecore Custom Contact Facets

In this post by Developer Steve VandenBush, you’ll learn how to store user’s interactions on specific pages and access them at a later date using Custom Contact Facets.

November 28th: Sitecore Custom Personalization Rule

Now that you know how to use Custom Contact Facets you can use them for other things in your Sitecore site like personalization. In this post, you’ll learn how to leverage facets in order to drive front-end renderings thru the use of a custom personalization rule.

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