GeekHive’s October Blog Roundup

November 1, 2016

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GeekHive's October Blog Roundup

Since we’ve been posting more than ever, we wanted to make it easy for you to find all of our monthly posts in one place. From Drupal to Sitecore, new developer tools to business strategy, this month has a little something for everyone…

October 5th: Celebrate Customer Experience (CX) Day with Us

This was the first year we’ve formally celebrated Customer Experience Day and it was awesome! In this post by our CXO Mike Caccavano, learn how we thanked our partners, how we came together as a company to reflect on our projects and thank our team members for their part in them, and how we plan to continue the sentiment of the day moving forward.

October 11th: Drupal 8: Making the Switch as a Developer

Making the switch from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 is scary,  but we’ve got all the tips and tools you need to make it happen. If you’re interested in making the shift as a developer, read this post by Drupal developer Drew Nackers.

October 18th: The Great Game of Business at GeekHive

We’re quietly been practicing open-book management for the past few years. In this post, by Director of Project Management David Campbell we talk about how we’ve applied GGOB’s principles at GeekHive to help us grow and the ways we want to continue to make improvements moving forward.

October 20th: Fast, Deterministic Builds with Yarn

In this post by developer Justin Firth, you’ll learn about Yarn, the new Node.js package manager set to replace npm that was recently released by Facebook. Find out what he thinks about it, the benefits to be on the lookout for, and if it’s a tool you should add to your toolbox right away!

October 26th: Accessing Contextual Data from a Custom Form Field Validator

We’re always looking to improve upon our processes so we can decrease the time spent on tasks, save our clients money, and stay on track or ahead of schedule for our projects. Sitecore, is one of our favorite tools of the trade and mastering it is one of our favorite challenges. In this post, developer Michelle Banzer breaks down how to use Custom Form Fields to access contextual data within the content tree.

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