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November 15, 2016

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Coast for Sitecore,  is an open source module that allows for quick transfer of items across databases, instances, and versions.  End-user documentation exists on our accompanying blog post. Setting up a project and contributing to the module are easy, check out these simple directions below. 

Project Setup

  1. Create a working directory, for example: C:\Projects\CoastForSitecore
  2. Clone the Mercurial repository from BitBucket:
  3. Create a new feature branch
  4. Install the latest /SitecorePackages “highest version package” to a Sitecore instance of your choice
  5. Create a new Publish profile to publish the project to a Sitecore instance of your choice
  6. When work is completed, push your branch and create a pull request

Sitecore Rocks

Due to the reliance on SPEAK, Sitecore Rocks is required to modify any of the SPEAK components within the Core database.  All SPEAK components are located here: /sitecore/client/Applications/Coast

Creating New Packages

To create a new module package,

  1. Login to the Desktop in your choice of a Sitecore instance
  2. Open Package Designer
  3. Include all Core items
    1. /sitecore/client/Applications/Coast
    2. /sitecore/content/Applications/Content Editor/Context Menus/Default (Divider 4, Copy Item, Copy Tree, Paste Item Data)
  4. Include all Files
    1. /_Coast
    2. /App_Config/Include/SharedSource.Coast.config
    3. /bin/Coast.dll
    4. /sitecore/shell/client/SPEAK/Layouts/Renderings/Coast
  5. Name the package “Coast for Sitecore”
  6. Version
    1. There is not currently a clear road map of versioning and most likely won’t be unless the module gains traction so increment the version using your best judgment
  7. Commit the package to source control at /SitecorePackages

It’s as simple as that. We look forward to seeing what you contribute to make Coast for Sitecore even better.

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