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Meet Our Newest Developer Brooker

September 22, 2016

Blog | Culture | Meet Our Newest Developer Brooker
GeekHive's growing. Meet our newest developer Brooker

We recently welcomed RIT graduate Nate “Brooker” Perry to our development team. Brooker’s already proving to be a valuable addition supporting the rest of the team on custom web development projects for companies like Pro-Cut, Vipeline, EyeSave, and MWI.

Since you’ll be working with Brooker and hearing from him on the blog, we thought we’d take some time to introduce you so you can get to know him too!

When you graduated, you had several offers, why did you choose GeekHive?

The atmosphere and attitude. It’s fun here, not super corporate and I really like my co-workers. It’s nice to be able to hunker down and focus but also laugh and enjoy your time at work. I also like that I’m not stuck in a cube, it’s open floor plan, and you don’t get lost or feel like just another number here.

Why did you choose to pursue web development for your profession?

My dad got me interested in programming in general, he’s a graphics programmer for Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs. Growing up, I was big into video games and thought I might want to be a game developer, but after trying it out I realized I didn’t really like it.

In high school, I took 2 programming classes that taught me c and c++ but lacked real world application. In college, I gained real world experience through my software engineering classes and internships.

During my internship with Carrier I learned a lot of internal tools through doing web based implementations. My mentor taught me basics for web development standards used for automated processes and I kept going from there.

Tip for Aspiring Developers: I choose Software Engineering instead of Computer Science as a major because of the focus on real-world application of the principles learned.

What did you do before this?

I helped design Carrier’s sales software in an internationally collaborative joint effort with someone from Ireland and someone from India. I was helping with the design stages (planning) when I left.

Advice to other people who want to get involved in the technology industry:

Find something that interests you outside of development and build off of that. You want to pick something you can relate to so you learn real world application, not just the technical side of things. If you pick something that interests you, it’s an extra motivator.

For example, when I was in video game club we needed a website or web app that would allow people coming to the events to see a schedule, sign up for events, and facilitate giveaways to attendees. We ended up starting to develop an app that is still in the works. I was one of the first to start the process, outside the realm of my academics.

What is your “sweet spot” at work?

Web app development, C#, and Java Script. I like working with front-end frameworks like angularJS and developing web APIs to work with these front-end frameworks.

3 Fun facts about Brooker:

  1. As head of the video game club in college, I was in charge of running 36 hour LAN parties.
  2. I like to play soccer.
  3. I founded a rocket club in high school (no we didn’t start any fires!).

What makes you a geek?

I’ve run 36 hour LAN parties and program and play video games for fun in my downtime. I like working on side projects and experimenting with new programming methods that set me ahead of the curve to apply them during the working hours.

Favorite video game:

The Witcher 3

Describe your style:

Hoodies for days.

Best advice you’ve ever been given:

Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. (Oh the irony is not lost on us.)

What challenges have you faced since starting to work at GeekHive?

Learning Jira and time tracking and working with agencies instead of direct to client.

What advice do you have for others who may be interested in working at GeekHive?

Find something that you like, and make something out of it. Demonstrate what you did in your interview to show that you have the experience, drive, personality, and skills to work here. For many of the people at GeekHive, this isn’t just a job, so having something you find pride in to show your passion goes a long way.

Thanks Brooker! Interested in meeting the rest of our team? Check out our people page.

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