Pitch and Win Big with the Right Technical Partner

July 26, 2016

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Creative and digital agencies that pitch with a technical partner win more projects.

Over the last 6 months of working at GeekHive, I have had many conversations with digital and creative agencies who are really good at what they do, but it often seems like the ability to translate their creative vision into technology is a challenge for them. This post is a result of these interactions, which tend to leave me with the sneaking suspicion that digital agencies would have more success winning business and growing with the right technical partner, especially if they take the time to lay out what to expect from the partnership.

Partner to Win more Projects and Grow

Recently, I was speaking with Stephen Downs, GeekHive’s Head of Business Development, about a particular agency and I made a reference to their size (they’re on the smaller side) and Stephen shot back: small can pitch and win big! It was an ah-ha moment for me that has stuck with me since and got me thinking…

X Agency can pitch and win big!

Even better…

X Agency can pitch and win big with GeekHive.

After mulling it over…

I’m convinced that we need to take the word small out of it because anyone can pitch and win big… with the right technical partner.

Stephen should know, he has worked in the agency world for over a decade. In fact, Stephen knows exactly what it’s like to partner with, pitch, and win big with GeekHive.

Know your Strengths, Find Someone to Help you with the Rest

Back then, Stephen was leading Ruder Finn’s digital arm – RFI Studios. Tasked with building up RFI Studios, essentially turning a well-established PR firm digital, Stephen saw the prospect of collaborating with GeekHive for our technical expertise on a pitch for a global pharmaceutical company as opportune considering his overarching objective.

Think: Mad Men Season 6, Episode 6 when Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and Cutler, Gleason and Chaough join forces to win big with Chevy.

RFI Studios worked alongside GeekHive for days, weeks, and months crafting responses to the RFP, going over the pitch again and again until ultimately winning a significant site redesign project, not to mention the client’s trust and confidence for future work.

Here at GeekHive, we use the word partner a lot because despite how often this term gets used, and perhaps overused, it is still the best way to describe what we do. If the future of agencies lies in their ability to be great partners to their clients, it stands to reason that agencies will also have to know great partners. Armed with a bench of stellar partners, an agency, regardless of their niche/expertise can do just about anything (with a little help from its friends).

Set Expectations with Your Technical Partner

When you pitch to win business with us, here’s what you can expect:

  • Expect honesty: As a trusted technology partner we’ll tell you when something can’t be done, but we’ll also exhaust every avenue to pull it off.
  • Expect to define roles: Early on in the process, we’ll work together to define a technical plan for the project (that we’ll own) so that you can focus on creating an extraordinary digital experience for your clients, all while knowing you have a partner with the technical know-how to back it up.
  • Expect to meet the team: If I’m fortunate, I’ll get to meet you. But don’t be surprised if, not-soon-after, I introduce you to more of the team startin.g with the aforementioned Stephen. Whether it’s a project manager, a tech lead or QA Analyst, each of us has a role to play in delivering great experiences and amazing outcomes.
  • Expect to hear about Agile: When we have our druthers, we love to work in an Agile way, because our experience has shown how effective it can be. That’s right, take note – Agile doesn’t mean an undefined plan: we make sure that planning is an integral piece of our process.
  • Expect that we’ll go all-in: Whether we’re working alongside you to complete an RFP or we’re in the midst of a 2-week discovery sprint, the people of GeekHive will be all-in to help you win big.
  • Expect a post-launch review: In a company that takes pride in delivering experiences, a successful outcome is the goal. We want to know what you think about the completed project – the good and the challenging so that we can be better partners in the future.
  • Expect us to stay in touch: When the project ends, we won’t just move on and leave you to fend for yourself. A website is an ever evolving marketing tool and our Long Term Engagement team will be there to provide you and your client with the ongoing support needed after a project is launched.
  • Expect to like us: One thing I’ve noticed is that our agency partners enjoy working with us, and they genuinely like the people of GeekHive.

Bottom Line: Bringing a technical partner in before the deal is closed to work with you to create and pitch the RFP can lead to a myriad of benefits and ultimately to winning more projects. We all have our expertise, and just as we trust our digital and creative partners to do an outstanding job building a strong brand for their clients, they trust us to handle the technical implementation of those ideas.

If you don’t have a trusted technical ally, finding one to support you to win more deals so you can grow is essential. In this post, I covered what you can expect from a partnership with us, but even if we’re not ultimately the team you choose to work with, you should set these expectations for any company you partner with. After all, only the best will do when it comes to the brands you represent.

Think we may be a good fit for a project you’re trying to win? Contact us here and tell us a bit about it.

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