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A Brand New Look for GeekHive

May 23, 2016

Blog | Strategy | A Brand New Look for GeekHive

Welcome to the new and improved GeekHive, same great brand, all grown up.

Why did we redesign?

We had to ask ourselves – does our site get across who we are, what we do, and how we help our clients? The answer was simple, NO!

What worked for us years ago didn’t support the message that we want to put out there today. Our brand has matured and evolved and we’ve discovered our sweet spot – partnering with creative digital agencies like you as your technical implementation team. While our old site was fun, (who doesn’t love Buzz our bee mascot?!) and served us well for years as we grew, it didn’t speak to you, our target audience. As an agency, you’re an expert in design and branding, and we wanted our site to show you that we get your vision and share your ideals.

The structure and content also made it difficult for you to engage with us causing an obvious problem. We wanted to use this redesign as an opportunity to change that, making it effortless for you and your clients to find the information you need. We focused on usability and made sure every word we wrote was chosen with you in mind.  With all of the new case studies, service info, and videos, you’ll have no problem getting your questions answered.


Why redesign? GeekHive's homepage before and after redesign. We build the creative ideas in your head!


Relaunching a website is hard!

We’re so used to focusing our time, energy, and resources on supporting you and our other agency partners, that it was really challenging to shift the focus on ourselves. Writing case studies, putting into words exactly what we want people to know about us, and showcasing our unique culture, it was hard work. It took a lot of planning, conversation, laughs, and even a few tears (What?!? It’s allergy season!), but we couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out.

Our production staff is a well-oiled machine, up for any challenge, and they were able to build us a site that not only helps us communicate our message more clearly, but makes life easy for our content team. We have lofty future goals and this website was built to be flexible and extendable so we can reach them.

The best part of this site is that it finally represents us! It’s more focused on our culture and who we are as a company than ever before. We believe in creating experiences for our partners and their clients that lead to positive, long-standing relationships and outcomes. This site reflects this belief and shows you the quality of work we do, plus the experience you’ll have with us.


Why redesign? Old site vs. new site work page view, Shire, Eyesave, Ritz, brands we've helped.


What we did:

  • Created a site with a cleaner, more modern look and feel.
  • Refined our brand message and positioning.
  • Cleaned up our code to the standard we use for our clients.
  • Incorporated beautiful images and fun videos that reflect our work and culture.
  • Implemented easy to follow navigation.

What’s in it for you:

  • With clearer messaging, you know if we’re the right fit for you right away.
  • Information that you actually want to see! Our new case studies and videos were created with you in mind.
  • Our focus on usability will allow you to find what you’re looking for and easily navigate the site from any device with ease.
  • Opportunities to interact with us through our contact page, footer form, or downloadable resources.
  • As leaders in the development community, our forward thinking ideas on strategy, platforms, and business challenges are available to you weekly on our blog.

As we said in the beginning of 2016, we’re committed to you. We want your experience with us, and the brands you represent, to be exceptional from day one. We hope this site delivers.

Shannon Brennan-Cressey

Director of Digital Marketing
  • Rebuild
  • Redesign
  • Strategy
  • Technical Strategy

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