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Fulfilling Our 2016 Goals, One Hire at a Time

March 15, 2016

Blog | Strategy | Fulfilling Our 2016 Goals, One Hire at a Time
fulfilling our 2016 goals one hire at a time with the addition of CXO Mike Caccavano

If you’ve been reading GeekHive’s emails and blog posts you know we’re more committed to the experiences you have while collaborating with us than ever before. Our focus of 2016 and beyond is to create positive, fulfilling interactions between us that you won’t forget, and meaningful outcomes that benefit your business and brand.

The GeekHive Experience:

Goals are wonderful, but how do you measure your success in achieving them? To fulfill our commitment to our community we’re in the process of defining what ‘The GeekHive Experience’ is, in order to create consistent, cohesive interactions with our partners that lead to impactful results for both organizations.

Goal: Provide our Customers with Experiences and Outcomes instead of Services

To help us define and carry out The GeekHive Experience and act as an advocate for our partners, Mike Caccavano has joined our team as Chief Experience Officer (CXO). Mike has a long history in the technology industry, having started his own successful technology company before merging it with and becoming President of another.

Early in his career, Mike recognized a lack of partnership between clients and vendors. This observation inspired him to do things differently and start a business where communication and partnership were at the core. This set him apart from competitors and his company experienced sustainable, rapid growth as a result. Mike’s known for his candor and ability to form authentic, mutually beneficial relationships. With his background, you can rest assured he’ll understand your business needs and be a pleasure to work with.

Mike expressed his excitement over his new role: “I’m getting back to my roots, refocusing my attention on building meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners.”

The experiences we want to create extend far past customers – from employees to technology partnerships, we want every person and organization that comes in contact with our brand to have a positive experience that exceeds their expectations.

Mike’s work won’t just be with our partners and vendors. Our president, Peter Ladka recognized that: “Growth starts from the inside out. If we’re all operating at our best, we can pass that along to our clients.” With this in mind, he decided to make the investment in creating this new role within our company that would serve as an advocate for both internal and external brand interactions.

CXO Responsibilities:

As Chief Experience Officer, Mike is focused on fostering collaborative partnerships by:

  • Facilitating both internal and external brand awareness.
  • Improving both internal and external engagement and satisfaction.
  • Creating a consistent experience for anyone who touches our brand.

We want our employees to connect with the company they work for and our partners to feel good about the business they’re working with. With Mike on our team, and yours, the results are going to be amazing.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release about Mike joining our team:

“GeekHive’s focus on customer experience is not something you often see in a company their size. It’s one thing to talk about, another to follow through with. Their commitment to investing in hiring someone to fulfill a role that is directly concentrated on facilitating a consistent, definable customer and employee experience shows how seriously GeekHive takes its commitment to the people that interact with and embody its brand. Bigger businesses should take note as the disconnect between customers and brands is on the rise with technology replacing human interaction.”

Read the full release here.

Are you ready to connect with GeekHive to learn how we can partner together on your next project? Contact us here, you won’t regret it.

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