A Non-Traditional Approach to Sitecore

March 23, 2016

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GeekHive recently started contributing to the Sitecore blog in an effort to share our knowledge with the greater Sitecore community and fulfill our 2016 goals, one being: A commitment to the web development community at large to share our learnings and technical innovations.

Our Developer Steve VandenBush is the first contributor and wrote: Disconnected Sitecore: A Headless and Non-Traditional Approach.

Here’s an excerpt for you below:

“’Headless’ website architecture is quickly growing in popularity and is impressing both content managers and developers. This approach is something already widely embraced by the Drupal community and something we wanted to bring to the Sitecore Community to benefit from as well.

At its core, a headless (or decoupled) site isolates the front-end from the back-end, and delivers content through the back-end using an API. This adds a technical layer between what content producers publish and what end-users see.”

Read the rest of the post on the Sitecore technical blog here.

In the post Steve lays out the technical architecture of a disconnected Sitecore approach, the benefits of going headless, and also includes a “starter kit” for anyone looking to build a website using this approach.

Author’s Note January 2018: Steve added onto this original post with his recent post Sitecore Headless and JSS (Part 1). Check it out!

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