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Are you Technically Creative?

March 31, 2016

Blog | Technology | Are you Technically Creative?
Being technically creative allows innovative ideas to form.

I recently attended Episerver’s Ascend conference where famed artist Erik Wahl gave an awe-inspiring keynote speech that moved the entire audience and set the tone for the rest of the event. Erik shared an incredible message through his own special brand of genius-speed painting.

Creativity is really just thinking outside of the norm.

Why was a famous painter speaking at a tech conference? He was showing us the importance of thinking creatively in our technical roles. Being technically creative allows innovative ideas to form.

Losing his own business and running out of money forced Erik to look at his own life, interests, abilities, and the way he viewed the world. This crisis turned into a catalyst for unleashing his creativity, a side of him that had been bottled up for nearly 20 years.The outcome is nothing short of amazing. He created a business out of something he was told by teachers growing up he had no talent for, and could never do.

Eric’s journey resonated with me as I had a similar business experience early in my career. From it, I learned to use my strengths, creativity being one, to build a stronger, more fulfilling  business that not only benefits my family, but my employees and community. I regularly nurture my creative side by playing and building drums and am able to pull on that creative energy when making strategic business decisions at GeekHive. Both Erik and I had to learn some hard lessons but they ultimately taught us to think outside of the box to create a career we love.

Who’s another great example of someone who thought outside of the box?

During his keynote, Erik painted away – adding color, details, and letting his vision take shape. I was baffled, what was I supposed to see? When the song finished Erik stepped away from the painting and turned it upside down, there was Einstein – it all came together and made sense.

He showed me the art of having vision. Sometimes we don’t see something until someone shows us.

How can we, as a society, help each other view things outside of the box we all place ourselves in? If we step outside of our comfort zones, beautiful, things are created, from technology to love.

Maybe it’s time for businesses and customers to move out of their normal roles and come together to create something worthwhile.

Simple concept, big impact.


Peter Ladka, President/CEO, GeekHive

Peter Ladka

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