Grow your Business 41% by Shifting Your Focus

February 9, 2016

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Grow your Business 41% by shifting your focus from services to experience

I love the great game of business and make it a point to travel to conferences, trainings, and events to learn about new technologies and strategize what’s next for my company, GeekHive, as often as possible.  I was struck by one of the speakers in particular at our partner Episerver’s Ascend 2015 conference, R Ray Wang, whose presentation focused on disrupting digital business and creating a business and economy focused on peer communication. His presentation created a shift in my perspective that I’ve carried into GeekHive this year.

People matter, and when you treat them like they do, they reward you with their business.

Let’s face it. Human beings are more connected than ever. There’s a level of digital proficiency that has never existed before and how we leverage technology to foster relationships will define our businesses.

It’s time to create experiences clients won’t forget, that lead to outcomes they’ll be delighted by.

At GeekHive, our biggest shift of 2015 was focusing on customer experience and it has paid off, we’ve grown a whopping 41% over the last year, and we just experienced the most profitable December in the history of the company. Things don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, we’re on target for similar growth this coming year.

Our biggest shift of 2016 is moving away from being a service company towards becoming a company that prides itself on partnering with our clients to create exceptional experiences and cutting-edge outcomes. To accomplish this, we’ll use our expertise in technology to improve every interaction we have with our partners. Over the years we’ve learned that just getting the work done, without creating a meaningful experience for our clients, is not only unfulfilling, it’s counterproductive.

Key takeaway: Shift your focus to providing the best possible experience and outcomes to your clients, and they’ll reward you with more business, sparking your own growth.

We aim to blur the lines between customers and partners and work on bridging the gap between the two. When we work in partnership with our clients, we can use their input and feedback to create a collective experience that far exceeds either of our expectations. When our partners bring us into the conversation early on in the development process, we can offer insights that help them see things a different way, leading to a more desirable outcome. When we lean on each other we all become stronger, it’s a win-win for everyone.

The bottom line in any business is that we have certain metrics we use to measure our success. When we remove the line that separates us from our vendors and partners, we’re all able to reach our goals quicker, more efficiently, and with greater satisfaction.

In this ever-connected world where customer experience is more important than ever, the companies that succeed will be those willing to put the extra effort in to ensure peer communication. That’s business of the technology age.

Peter Ladka, President/CEO, GeekHive

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