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Music To Program To

January 21, 2016

Blog | Culture | Music To Program To

Computer programming takes major focus.
How do our guys tune out the world and get the job done? Music of course!

I asked GeekHive’s software developers what they like listening to while they work and surprise, surprise, their tastes in music are as diverse as they are. From Disney songs to rock, from heavy metal to electronica, this playlist is a mixed bag of awesome.

Check out GeekHive’s Music To Program To Playlist 1 on Spotify. 


Music has been shown to not only help you focus, but also make you more productive by breaking up the mundane aspects of staring at your screen for hours on end. Plus, music can boost your mood by increasing happiness and in turn efficiency; a much needed combination to counter the feelings that can arise when tackling difficult tasks.  “When a task is defined and repetitive in nature, research suggests that music is consistently helpful.” Check out the rest of the post on music and productivity from Help Scout here

So, blast that angry tune to get your frustration out and sit back and smile to the sound of lighthearted Disney tunes. Whatever you’re feeling, you’ll find a little something you can relate to on this playlist. 

Stay tuned for more playlists to come and tweet us your suggestions, we’ll add them to the list!  @GeekHive                                                                         

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