6 Things to Look for in a Technology Partner

January 14, 2016

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6 Things to Look for in a Technology Partner

Hiring a technology partner for the first time, or even the fifteenth, can be pretty nerve wracking. Your project is riding on the job your technology partner does and there’s a lot at stake when it’s not done right. Having been a technology partner for so many agencies and Fortune 500 companies over the years, we’ve come to know quite a bit about what makes a successful partnership and project happen. We’re narrowed it down to 6 features to look for in your technology partner to optimize results.

We put together an e-Book to support you to find the right technology partner to fit your needs. Read this guide to set yourself up for success by saving time, energy and stress that’s usually associated with getting the job done and hiring a great partner.


Check out this sample from the guide and download the full copy here.

Experience Slide from GeekHive's E-Book 6 Things to Look for in a Technology Partner

In our e-Book you’ll learn 6 Things to Look for in a Technology Partner and the questions to ask to vet your potential partner.  We explain each feature so you understand why it’s important and how to make sure your potential partner possesses the skills and traits you’re looking for.



This guide will show you how to make sure your technology partner…

  • Is the trusted resource you’re looking for with a proven process to get the job done

  • Has the core competencies and technical skill to deliver on your project

  • Shares similar values with your organization so you have a positive working experience

While each of these things are important, the goal is for you to find a technology team that has a combination of all of the features to get best results. Don’t settle. Once you’ve found a technology partner that fits the criteria you probably won’t have to search for another ever again. That’s the beauty of this guide, do it right the first time, and won’t have to repeat the process over and over again in the future.

Once you find a technology partner using this guide, sit back and relax, they’ve got you.


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