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2016 is all about growth, through our commitment to you

December 30, 2015

Blog | Strategy | 2016 is all about growth, through our commitment to you
2016 Growth Plans for GeekHive - Client Commitment

2015 was quite the year here at GeekHive.

This December was busier than ever and we’ve grown a whopping 41% over the course of the year through refining our commitment to our customers. We can’t wait to keep the momentum going in 2016!

How are we going to do that? Check out the video above with our president Peter Ladka, as he explains our three main focuses of 2016 and our commitments to both our clients and the web development community at large.

Read on for an overview, and don’t forget to check out the bloopers below for a quick laugh.

A continued commitment to providing our customers with experiences and outcomes instead of services.

We spent 2014 really listening to what our customers were saying and in 2015 launched our LTE (long term engagement) division. We’re proud to say that our clients and partners are already seeing the benefits. Our LTE group focuses on improving customer experience during, in between, and after projects by providing continued month to month support on both projects large and small. Through these partnerships we realized that it’s not just tech that’s important  but understanding who are clients are, what they need, and the type of experience and interactions they want to have with GeekHive. Next year, we’re going to take this to the next level with everything we learned this year.

A commitment to grow our arsenal of offerings.

GeekHive has always been a leading technology innovator and a strong Sitecore and Drupal Partner, but this year we’ve expanded into several new platforms and will continue to grow our content management and e-commerce platform offerings in the coming year. What our clients need, they get, and it’s our commitment to their excellence that drives us to continue to grow and learn.

A commitment to the web development community at large to share our learnings and technical innovations.

For years Geekhive has been an industry leader, bringing cutting edge technology and outstanding products to our clients. We’ve always benefited from the findings of the development community and utilized that knowledge to move forward, but we’ve never taken the time to share these learnings outside of our four walls. This year, we’re committed to let GeekHive’s voice echo out by sharing our findings with the development community so that their clients, other tech lovers, and our agency partners’ clients can all benefit from our findings.

2016 is going to be huge, we can feel it.  We wish you the best, both in business and in life, and hope to be collaborate together in the coming year.

Enjoy these bloopers!

Shannon Brennan-Cressey

Director of Digital Marketing
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