Run as a Team, Work as a Team

October 21, 2015

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Run as a Team, Work as a Team

Fall is in full swing in upstate NY and the beautiful foliage and mild temperature make it the perfect time to head outdoors. This past weekend four of our Geeks; Kevin, Tim, Jim, and David headed outside to run The Hambletonian Marathon & Good Time Trotters Relay and did an awesome job! Team Geek Squad included a mix of seasoned runners training for the NYC marathon to a first time distance runner and our guys placed third in their division!

Our Geeky-superstar-marathon-runner Jim went from start to finish…because he could. Boom! Obi-Wan would be impressed.

You’d be surprised how similar running a marathon and developing a website are when each person knows their role inside and out. Team Geek Squad’s relay training strategy didn’t differ much from how they perform in our office. Each Geek trained with specific goals in mind so they showed up prepared, knew their key role within the team, and executed remarkably. Done and done.

We know the skeptics out there are probably thinking, why would they want to hang out outside of work? Believe it or not, we like each other! We believe that everyone needs to work, so you might as well enjoy yourself while you’re at it. We voice our opinions and go head-to-head to get our clients the best results, and then we grab a beer and talk about football and Star Wars. Geeky jocks? At your service!

We’re so proud of Team Geek Squad for being a part of this race. All proceeds were donated to the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley and The Orange County Citizens Foundation. It’s nice when doing what you love also supports your community.

How’d our guys celebrate their finish? With a toast of course! #workhardplayhard

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