What the Ello is Going On?

March 30, 2015

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What the Ello is Going On?

Last fall, we profiled two social media start-ups that were, respectively, going to provide a medium for the well-heeled to connect over things that well-heeled people connect over and to resolve our collective gripe with Facebook.

For a mere $12,000, Netropolitan.club pledged to be the online destination for those whose interests lean more towards luxury automobiles, fine wine, and exclusivity. Apparently, the 48 year-old founder, James Touchi-Peters, over-estimated just how many obnoxious elitists people would fork over that much capital and commit to posting only in English. While it’s clear that Netropolitan Club has gone the way of the dodo, the particulars surrounding its demise don’t appear to be newsworthy. Oddly, for all the frothing over its launch, nothing has been published about it since last October. (Where is Gawker when you need them?)

On the other end of the spectrum is Ello, a sputtering invitation-only site that gallantly professed, “You are not a product.” The founders were determined to dethrone Facebook following The Great Drag Queen Debacle of 2014 with an ad-free, tracking-free, and fee-free site. (Just how they intended to do that with lackluster design and no viable revenue stream, mobile app, privacy settings, or search functions is anyone’s guess.)  Initially exalted as a safe and hipper online haven, the patina is gone. TechCrunch has sounded the death knell, while @MikeLeePearl of Vice dubbed it a “lonely site and an “odd little sanctuary” for people who work there and those discontented with larger platforms.  Upon logging in today, I noted that none of my connections have posted in six months.

While Meerkat and Periscope hog the current tech spotlight, we’ll likely have to wait for a slower news day to see what’s in store for Ello or if anyone else will rise up to fill the “void” left by Netropolitan Club.

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