Catstacam: What Problem Does It Solve?

March 25, 2015

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Catstacam: What Problem Does It Solve?

Whiskas Australia might just be trolling the world or #pwning cat lovers everywhere with their latest announcement. We’re talking about the Catstacam, a feline wearable camera that gives Little Fluffy Foo Foo a shot at 15 minutes of fame. Taking up to six images per minute, Catstacam captures photos as your cat goes on her day and then uploads them to her very own Instagram account once the gadget is in range of a Wi-Fi network.


While Whiskas states that the product is still in its early stages and not yet ready for purchase, that’s not stopping people from meowing about it.


But a question that must be asked is… meow meow meow meow meow? Or as we like to ask,

“What problem does this solve?”

With any product idea, as developers, we need to ask exactly what are we trying to achieve. If the question can’t really be answered, it’s ultimately a gamble whether it will be successful or not. In this case, do cat-perspective pictures solve a problem? Meowbe… Meowbe not. Will it be successful if it comes to market? Who knows? The internet is a weird place.

This article describes how tea bags came into existence and is a great example of developing to solve problems. Ultimately, the needs of the consumer dictated the usefulness and success of the product without the creator even being fully aware of what he was creating at the time.

In the software development world, we ask this question throughout the entire life cycle of a project. During a planning phase, where the solution is being formalized, the development team must be sure that component A solves problem X. 
During development, with our hands in the mud playing with component A, we ask, “does it continue to meet expectations and continue to solve problem X, or does a new component B, that originally solved problem Y, also happen to solve problem X?”

Our clients usually begin their journeys by asking, “Does what I’m trying to have built make my users’ lives easier in some way? Will it help us reach and connect in a more meaningful way? Can we provide a great user experience?”

We’re experts at problem solving and helping people parse their challenges, meet their tech requirements and exceed expectations. AND… we’re always on the lookout for the next great problem solving geek. Do you fancy yourself a great problem solver? Learn more about our open opportunities…

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