5 Questions with Stephanie Trevenen

March 26, 2015

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5 Questions with Stephanie Trevenen

Stephanie Trevenan - The BuzzStephanie Trevenen is a versatile account manager and client advocate with nearly a decade of business development and technical editing experience in STEM-focused environments.  The youngest child and only girl in her family, she discovered a love of writing, music, and technology while growing up in rural New Jersey. After dabbling in computer science in high school, and considering an engineering major, she went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in History and Journalism from the University of Delaware. While her career has been built around her passions of writing and tech, this dedicated wife and mother of two nurtures her soul by fronting a rock band, singing in operas and musical theater, and practicing yoga.

In 140 characters or less, how would you explain back-end web development to a tech-nervous client?

Back-end is the unseen setup that makes a site work, like the electric wiring of a house that turns a light on when you flip a switch.

You balance business development and account management. What tools do you use to keep everything from falling through the cracks?

The team uses Jira and Confluence for project management. It helps keep everyone up-to-date on project process, interdepartmental collaboration and client communications. I predominantly use Salesforce and Office 365, but LinkedIn is indispensable for keeping in touch. My favorite productivity app is 30/30. I can define tasks, estimate how long each one should take and then schedule an alarm so I can transition to the next one. I’m also a fan of writing notes and to-do lists. For me, nothing beats pen and paper.


You’re starting to learn how to code. What struck the spark?

I always had an interest in computers and tech, but it wasn’t until late in high school that I had access to computer science classes. I took C++ and dabbled in HTML, but since starting at GeekHive, my interest has really taken off. It stems from the desire to learn and help our clients have the best experience possible. If I know about the process and technologies, I’m better able to advise and engage on projects.


What are some creative ways you’ve seen the devs use their skills?

One of my favorite parts of my job is observing our devs map out a tech strategy and solution for clients. I’m a problem-solver and I love puzzles, so it’s fun to watch them piece solutions together. I regularly exclaim, “That’s genius! How’d you come up with that??” Dan Clouse, for example, was able to keep a proposed solution within a client’s budget by researching alternative platforms. Thanks to his resourcefulness, we delivered and delivered well. I believe that’s what makes us special – we’re thinkers.

Competent - http://www.geekhive.com

What are some of your go-to resources for learning?

There are a lot of options out there tailored to women in tech, and I’m thrilled that this market is expanding. I can’t wait to see what options are available to my daughter as she grows! My favorite so far has been Skillcrush. They’re a soup-to-nuts resource, whether you want to learn code, design, digital marketing, portfolio building, personal branding, even managing clients and customers. I took their 10-day boot camp and was thrilled with the takeaways. Skillcrush not only provides women with the digital skills they need for the hundreds of thousands open tech jobs, but also the business knowledge on how to get them!


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