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January 14, 2015

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Organize Your Cloud

It’s quite common for many folks to use always-available, online storage. We’ve looked at Google Drive and some of its features; Dropbox is another top contender in the cloud storage space realm, although many other services are out there.

Launched in 2009, Jolicloud aims to help you manage all these offerings in a more familiar way, abstracting the differences between each platform and making them all feel like what they are: storage space. Some of you may have heard of the Joli OS, a cloud-based operating system once offered by the company. Jolicloud has morphed over the last few years, however, and in its latest incarnation, the focus is now on file management – an area where no other storage provider is particularly strong.

How does it do this? Well, by connecting all your storage services using the APIs created by each one, Jolicloud tallies your available space and provides extra features that each service individually cannot offer.

With a physical machine, users can  connect multiple hard disks and navigate each one with a similar interface (such as Windows Explorer). You can copy files between disks, view available space, and perform other tasks.

Jolicloud brings all this in a sleek and intuitive interface. After securely granting your Jolicloud account access to all of  your different providers, the interface shifts to show how much space you have overall.

Note that by using a free account, Dropbox and Google Drive are the only services immediately available to be connected. Luckily, to connect one of the services deemed part of the “Pro” package, all you have to do is Tweet or post on Facebook about Jolicloud. Then, voila, the feature is unlocked!

When I select  my Google Drive account, the interface now shows a more traditional file/folder structure. Click the icon in the top-right to shift to an alternate view with previews of the individual files visible at a glance. You can also add or upload new files to the storage location using the Add button.


The right-click context menu on each file provides all the expected functionality, such as Delete, Rename, Copy, as well as a service-specific Share option which generates the underlying provider’s sharing urls.

Pro Features

Two major features that Jolicloud makes available in Pro accounts allow users to add multiple accounts from the same storage provider (e.g. multiple Google Drive accounts), and copying files between storage providers.

The first feature, adding multiple accounts, is likely less common of a use-case for a single person, but may be more appropriate for businesses where interactions with external entities result in multiple cloud storage solutions being leveraged.

The second feature, however, is paramount to seamlessly integrating all your storage space into one beautiful place. For instance, if your Google Drive account provides 25GB of storage and you have five other connected services and accounts providing only 5GB each, your net total storage space is 50GB. You can freely copy files between accounts to ensure they fill up evenly, or even migrate everything out of the 25GB Google Drive account onto the smaller accounts to make room for that large backup of personal files.

If you haven’t checked out Jolicloud and you’d like to better manage your online storage needs, it might be a great solution. If you’re already using Jolicloud, we’d love to hear about your experience. Does it support all of the accounts you’d like to connect? What other features would you love to see integrated? Tweet to us @GeekHive.

Phil Azzi, Developer, GeekHive

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