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Top 10 Posts: A Look at 2014

November 24, 2014

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Top 10 Posts: A Look at 2014


That’s the number of times The Buzz has published since July. We’ve covered a lot of ground – from tutorials and tips to reviews and interviews. It’s been a wild ride, and now it’s time to review the best of the bunch.


You might be surprised to find that Geek’s most popular and widely shared post wasn’t a dev tutorial. Rather, it was an interview led by Account Manager, Stephanie Trevenen. Last fall, Stephanie chatted with Jason Snyder of Momentum Worldwide about energy poverty and using the Internet to bring about higher standards of living in developing countries.  I think one of the reasons her post resonated with so many is that it not only touched on tech, but also the human element. That’s one of the wonderful things about Steph. She never wavers from her commitment to people or creating the best client experience possible.

As we prepare for an even geekier 2015  – with more tutorials, reviews, and insights – we give thanks all for that 2014 had brought thus far.  Thanks for checking us out!

The Buzz’s Top Posts of 2014


1. Can Technology Alleviate Poverty?


2. CMS Smackdown: Sitecore VS. Ektron


3. Is Usability That Important?


4. Go Home, CSS. You’re drunk.


5. Don’t Aim to Win Battles. Aim to Win Wars.




6. Will the Real Ethan Please Stand Up?


6. Learning to Rest


6.  Release The Wyvern!


7.  Closed on Weekends, Now Closed for Good


8.  The Tech Hype Cycle


9. Using Google Drive



10. Got a Dirty Inbox? Clean It Up!

10. Where’s Wyvern?


What would you like to see us cover in 2015? Want to know about relaunches? What dev tools are trending? Drop us a line or Tweet us @GeekHive.

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