Are You Using the ‘Phant?

November 5, 2014

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Are You Using the ‘Phant?

Most folks have heard about “The Cloud” and how it can make business amazing. But have you heard about The ‘Phant?  The Cloud has a lot of hype to live up to: speeding up business processes, making data secure, and lowering costs, but The ‘Phant is a guaranteed solution: it never loses data.*

Of course, storing all of your data in an elephant is a joke, but it might make you wonder about The Cloud. Is there a hidden joke there, too?  Maybe joke is too strong a word, because there are some wonderful success stories.  But those success stories came with a price tag: planning and strategy.

While watching TV a while back, I heard the slogan, “To the cloud!” in a commercial.  The implication was that in the new business wonderland called The Cloud, technical problems disappear.  In truth, technical problems never ever go away. They just get moved around.  When you “move to the cloud,” are you moving problems out of your life, or into it?

The Cloud is a new enough term that no one can really define it universally.  As an IT professional, I have a technical understanding of cloud-based computing that is basically meaningless to a CFO or marketing exec, while a network administrator might have an understanding that is worthless to me.  So rather than define what the cloud is, or what it can do for you, it’s better to first define your problems and your goals.  Then ask, “Is the cloud good at X?  Better than my current solution?”

By identifying your problems first, you might identify a solution that is cheaper and faster than something a cloud-service provider can muster up.  At the very least, you’re more likely to identify the right solution.


* Go read the link, and you’ll understand there’s a pretty serious asterisk for getting your data back out.  But hey, that’s what asterisks and fine print are for!

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