How to Create Folders in Sitecore CMS

October 30, 2014

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How to Create Folders in Sitecore CMS

This is the seventh in a series of posts about learning how to use and develop for Sitecore CMS; it is the follow-up post to “How to Create Items in Sitecore CMS”. In this “How to” post I will be covering how to create folders in the Sitecore CMS Content Editor.

Creating a Folder Item

Folders are just another type of item in Sitecore, and can be created by selecting the folder template when creating items.

The default folder template for content items is /sitecore/templates/Common/Folder, although this template is often extended to create custom folders with different default icons, insert options, and sort orders.

Purpose of Folders

Folders are used for the express purpose of organizing a collection of items. Folder templates usually don’t contain additional fields, nor do they typically have presentation details. I say “usually” because there’s no restriction preventing them from having fields or presentation details.

There are a number of default folder types for specific situations in Sitecore. The “Template Folder” type is used in /sitecore/Templates to organize templates. The “Media Folder” type is used in /sitecore/Media Library to organize media items. The “Layout Folder” and “Sublayout Folder” types are used in /sitecore/Layout/Layouts and /sitecore/Layout/Sublayouts to organize layouts and sublayouts respectively.

Folder “Editor”

Folder items will display a “Folder” tab next to the “Content” tab in the main editor.

Sitecore 8 folder editor

Sitecore 6 folder editor

The folder editor is a convenient view of the child items in the folder, and can be used to create new child items quickly. The insert options should be configured so that the templates relevant to the folder are immediately available.

Up next: “How to Configure Item Icons in Sitecore CMS”

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