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How to Log Out of Sitecore CMS

September 9, 2014

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How to Log Out of Sitecore CMS

This is the second in a series of posts about learning how to use and develop for Sitecore CMS, and the follow-up post to “How to Log in to Sitecore CMS”. In this “How to” post I will be covering how to log out of Sitecore CMS.

Logging in to Sitecore is easy, but with the different interfaces in older versions of Sitecore, getting out could pose a challenge to the uninitiated.

Sitecore 8

Sitecore 8 had a major facelift from previous versions, and one of the UI improvements was the introduction of a global header. The header includes:

  • A launchpad button – to quickly return to the new Sitecore 8 launchpad
  • A logout link
  • The current user’s full name
  • The current user’s icon

Sitecore 8 launchpad

Clicking on the “Logout” link in the header will return you to Log in page.

Sitecore 6 & 7

In Sitecore 6 and 7, the three editor interfaces differ from each other in where they hide their logout buttons.

Content Editor

In the “Content Editor” interface there is a big red Sitecore button at the top left. Clicking the button reveals a opens a drop-down menu. The last item on the dropdown menu is labeled “Exit”. Clicking exit will return you to the login page.

Sitecore Content Editor with Sitecore menu open


Selecting the “Sitecore” button at the bottom left of the “Desktop” interface will open the “Sitecore menu”. The “Log Off” button can be found at the bottom right of the Sitecore menu.

Sitecore Desktop with Sitecore menu open

Page Editor

When viewing the page editor, the page editor ribbon may be minimized.

Sitecore Page Editor ribbon minimized

Clicking the “Home” tab on the left or the down arrow at the right will expand the ribbon. The “Log Off” button can be found in the “Close” section of the ribbon.

Sitecore Page Editor ribbon

Note: the “Close” button will only close the page editor and remove the page editor ribbon. You will remain logged in. If you want to be sure that you’re logged out, visit /sitecore/shell. If you’re taken directly to the “Desktop” mode, you can then log out using the button in the Sitecore menu.

Up next: “How to Rest the Administrator Password in Sitecore CMS”

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