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Watch Out, Wearble Tech In

July 24, 2014

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Watch Out, Wearble Tech In

Lately, I’m noticing wearable devices on the wrists of ad agency and tech industry leaders. Two years ago, I would have waved this off as a fashion statement with insufficient technology or a health trend tied to a new year’s resolution or an unwanted holiday present. Today – that mindset couldn’t be more wrong.


Here’s why:


Last month, Apple announced the HealthKit platform and Health app that will be released with the anticipated iOS 8. With the support of companies like Nike, Apple has made clear that HealthKit is a critical platform for the community and Apple wants HealthKit to provide both the standards for apps to share health data, and common metrics for the data.


Another anticipated release for Apple is the “iWatch.” With no release date set, indications are pointing to Fall of 2014 and will pair up nicely with the new HealthKit platform.


A few weeks after Apples announcement, Salesforce revealed the Salesforce Wear Developer Kit, a developer pack for the Salesforce1 Platform that allows the community to dream-up and build applications for wearable devices. Daniel Debow, Senior VP of Emerging Technologies at Salesforce, declares this is the company’s “initiative to evangelize and encourage, and help jumpstart people building business applications for wearable devices.”


This developer kit includes example applications and architecture for Google Glass, Android Wear, Samsung Gear 2, Myo, Nymi and Pebble Watch. Check out some of the highlighted concepts on Salesforce Developer site. While some of the integrations may be predictable, I’m most interested to see what comes from Myo, a gesture controlled armband. Could get pretty geeky.


While nothing is production ready [yet], I’m sure if you’re the creative type you have ideas already buzzing for future builds. What cool ideas would you want to see be developed and integrated into wearable devices? Do you own one now?


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