Tom’s Two Cents: Playing with Parallax

April 22, 2014

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Tom’s Two Cents: Playing with Parallax

Recently, I worked on a one-page site that made use of Parallax for our client Vipeline. Parallax, in web development is the effect that happens as you scroll down a site; different elements slide in at varying speeds giving the illusion of motion. Many love the dynamic appearance it creates and Parallax design has become quite popular in recent years.

As a developer, Parallax is fun to work with as you watch the design come to life, but we came across several issues you may want to consider if you’re thinking of adopting a Parallax strategy to you website.

  • It’s time-consuming. Each time you remove, add, or move elements the timing of the Parallax needs to change, so you have to adjust the data attributes.
  • It’s frustrating. This functionality issue creates redundancies that can become frustrating in their repetitious nature for developers.
  • Content isn’t absorbed. Due to the large focus on motion with this design, the user isn’t able to consume and digest the content and it becomes a secondary focus for many users.

In my opinion, a simple fix for the Parallax development issue would be to add a timeline to the plugin that allows you to go back and grab a live preview of where each element is in the website flow, while simultaneously adjusting the positioning and timing of the elements.

Check out this demo on f6design. 

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