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April 25, 2014

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Squash that Bug

We’re QA. We find and communicate bugs: that’s what we do. Everybody wants to reinvent the wheel, and that’s fine. Reinvent away, but maybe keep these seven basics in mind so that the car stays on the road.

1.      Reproduce the bug

We all know code can behave differently depending on the browser or device you’re using.  If cross-browser compatibility is on your plate, make sure you try to reproduce across all the different platforms you’re on the hook for.

2.      Log the bug ASAP

Trust me…if you wait too long you might forget and it’ll come back to haunt you.

3.      Make the summary as clear as possible

Come up with a format that works for EVERYONE and try to stick with it. I try to use something like:

General Area – Sub Area/Page – brief summary of the issue

1.      Try to put just one bug per report

I’m guilty of not doing this, and it doesn’t make the devs happy. Promote happiness. One bug per bug report!

2.      Include steps to reproduce

When you can, be sure to include specific steps to reproduce the problem.  This takes the guesswork out of it and helps move the bug along the path to being squashed.

3.      Include a screenshot

…or even better, a video if the issue encompasses several specific steps. A picture’s worth a thousand words. And hey, let’s be real, it proves you’re not crazy when the developer responds with “I can’t reproduce this on my machine.”

We use Jing, It’s handy, easy to use and you can download it here:


4.      And finally…be kind

You get more bees that produce honey, and maybe a little humor.

Dave Kamm, GeekHive's Quality Assurance Specialist

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