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Smokey the Bear Was Right

April 15, 2014

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Smokey the Bear Was Right

When I meet with potential agency partners I share something that always brings a knowing (experiential) smile to their face. We say “At GeekHive, we’re in the fire prevention rather than the fire emergency business. We can help you put out your current fires, but we really focus on preventing the fires in the first place through good process, approach and people.”

We’ve coined the phrase “the project pyre.” This represents client projects that are in flames which are often dealt with by throwing more people at the problem or “more bodies on the pyre” as we like to put it. Producers and clients are continually burned out by projects that are on fire. Sleepless nights, angry exchanges, missed deadlines, lost accounts and lost agency talent are all victims of the indiscriminate path of a project that has gone up in flames.

We believe that Smokey the Bear’s noble idea of fire prevention was right. Only for GeekHive, it is all about “pyre” prevention.

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Peter Ladka, President/CEO, GeekHive

Peter Ladka

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