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I Hate Programming

April 3, 2014

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I Hate Programming

I’m a professional programmer, developer, coder, computer nerd; so I don’t actually hate writing code.  But coding is the last thing I want to do to solve a problem.  Here is why:

1) Coding is expensive.  You’re asking someone to invent something for you.  It takes a lot of skill, research, and time to get the super-technical solution right.  Sometimes it’s the right thing to do, and you can make some amazing magic happen.  But without some serious planning, you can burn a lot of expensive time and energy when another (existing) solution would work as well.

2) There are a lot of great solutions that do 90-100% of what you want.  I use WordPress for my personal blog.  I’ve implemented the same solution for a good number of friends and private clients over the years.  It’s a good solution with good plugins.  I’ve implemented Sitecore as a solution, a number of the “nuke” platforms…  I *can* write a custom solution for each new situation, or I can be smart and re-use some of the great tools that already exist.

3) Sometimes the problem isn’t the computer.  Every business is unique, but every business is the same too.  That goes for people and the things they want to do as well.  What might come across as a shortcoming in the technology might actually be a shortcoming in your understanding.  Work to understand first.  If good tools and well-understood processes don’t help you, then invent something new.

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