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How to be a Model[ing] Employee

April 30, 2014

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How to be a Model[ing] Employee

Greetings from the beautiful season of Sprumter – that awkward time in the northeast U.S. where it brutally shifts from the harsh, sub-zero temperatures of winter to the humid abyss (that people somehow enjoy) called summer. Ok, so I just made that all up; let’s move on.

I come to you today to gush a bit about a 3rd party tool. Unfortunately, this tool lacks a formal referral Url process, so any business you send their way will not benefit me. Selfishness aside, let the gushing begin. is a simple tool that allows you to define a data model diagram (complete with primary key), foreign keys and relationships, and the basic set of data types. Beyond this, if your end result is to target some of the more well-known relational database systems (MySQL included), there is even the option to export your diagram into a create script.

The free version allows for three models with ten tables each. If you have a single project, you can split them up into logical groups and get 30 tables for your project – not bad for a freebie solution.

The referral system they do offer is email-based, giving you points which currently translate one for one to dollars against their pricing plans, which start at $100 for yearly access that will likely meet most needs.

Check it out if you get a need or a chance.

Happy Sprumter, and stay classy.

Phil Azzi, Developer, GeekHive

Phil Azzi

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