Has Node.js Reached a Tipping Point?

April 2, 2014

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Has Node.js Reached a Tipping Point?

Microsoft’s recent announcement of node.js Tools for Visual Studio has a number of us here in the Hive wondering whether node has reached the point of being a niche development framework for high scalability, I/O bound workloads to a general purpose, cross-platform web application development platform.  We have of course seen Microsoft make other unsuccessful forays in supporting open source platforms and tools (anyone running any IronPython apps out there?) but if any customer momentum gathers for node.js on Azure, I suspect this will be different. Azure at this point is becoming one of Redmond’s few bright spots this year. 

As someone who lived through the bad old days of IE4, lots of document.writes and a brief laughable tour with Netscape Livewire, my initial knee-jerk reaction to node.js was a dismissive cry of lawn intrusion. Why would anyone want to run javascript server-side? I’ve since found myself more and more curious about the power of running a single language across the application stack.  This single characteristic of node.js is very intriguing to me.  Throw in some recent work on a Windows 8 WinJS app and at this point, I’m spending most of the tech tinker time that my 18 month old allows me reading up on Javascript and node.js and exploring things like the Ghost source code to get a sense of what larger node.js code bases look like.  

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