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habitual creatures

April 21, 2014

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habitual creatures

Being a parent or a child of a parent you will definitely run into a point in your life where you question your parent or are questioned by your child as to why something is done a certain the way.. And you WILL hear and/or say something along the lines of “Well that’s they way it has always been done” or “Because I said so.” Both aren’t great responses. One is a humbling reality of not really knowing why, and the latter is combination of not really knowing and/or just wanting the chain of “WHYs” to end. 

Because I have a Trinidadian background (Here’s a link for the geographically challenged), I was pretty much raised on West Indian food. Foods like “curried whatever animal you could get your hands on” and roti (a pita-like flat bread or naan) were a staple. My mother makes roti from scratch and when it’s done cooking she takes it off the flat iron and proceeds to pound the crap out of it before serving it. To those who’ve never witnessed it before, it can come across as very… strange to say the least. One day I asked her why she did that, and she stood there for a second, stared at me, and said “I don’t know.”  It was just something that she had always done and learned from whomever taught her how to make it and they learned to do that from whoever taught them, and so on.

I recently ran into a situation where I was looking at some code that someone else had written at GeekHive that wasn’t structured in a way that I was used to. I normally do things a certain way like most individuals with OCD do, and expect people to do it a certain way as well. When I saw it, I immediately opened my mail client and began typing a “here is how to do it” email, and mid-sentence, I stopped. I went back to the code and tried to come up with a compelling reason as to why to do it my way. The fact of the matter was I couldn’t really remember why I did it that way, only that it was the way “it was always done.” After I realized this reality I discarded the email, and let the code live, although I think I lost sleep for a couple days.

In the ever-changing land of technology we are constantly seeing and learning new ways to do things that we’ve done for years. New and better software and techniques arise and older methods and software fall and burn away on the side-that is except for everything that is IE. Maybe one day we’ll all have a party when Microsoft finally meets the wish of every developer on the planet and sticks a fork in that one. Anyway… development here at Geekhive always seems to be different from project to project. Yes consistency is good, but consistency for the sake of consistency isn’t. There’s a balance between adopting new technology and keeping our coding engines running, and we do that well here. And because of that, we’re able to offer cutting edge solutions to our clients and be comfortable enough where we aren’t putting ourselves in a bad position.

I enjoy doing what I do, and working with the people I work with on a daily basis, and if it’ll make it a better place if I check my OCD self at the door when I enter, I’ll do just that… well maybe not. Someone has to be sure the pictures, monitors, ceiling tiles, or whatever – are in alignment to everything else.

Dave Cardine, UX and Creative Director, GeekHive

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