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Enabling Sitecore Workflow on Media Items (or any other items)

April 28, 2014

Blog | Technology | Enabling Sitecore Workflow on Media Items (or any other items)
Enabling Sitecore Workflow on Media Items (or any other items)

Enabling workflow in Sitecore for items that were created from default templates (especially Media Library items) takes only a few simple steps.

First, create a workflow and ensure it’s working properly on user-created items.  The most important step for ensuring an item follows a workflow is to enable the workflow on the template.  In particular, the Default workflow field on the Template’s Standard Values must be set properly. 

To enable the Standard Values, select a template, ensure the Builder tab is selected in the content pane, then click on Builder > Options up in the ribbon. This will reveal a new tab where you can select Standard Values.

The Standard Values item is now a child of the template. The Default workflow resides in the Workflow section. Set the Default workflow to the workflow you have created.  Note: The Workflow section is only available if your template inherits from the Standard Template, which it does by default.  Any items created via this template will now automatically be included in the workflow whenever a non-admin account edits the item.

Media Library items use either an “Unversioned” or Versioned template which is located at /sitecore/templates/System/Media.  To ensure all Media Library items are part of a workflow, the template “File” must have its Standard Values enabled, and have its Default workflow set as previously explained. Since all Media Library templates inherit from the File template, the last step is to ensure that the rest of the Media Library templates (Audio, Doc, Flash, etc.) have Standard Values enabled.  Notice that when the Standard Values are created for these templates, they automatically have the Default workflow set because they inherit the File Template.

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