Facebook “Friendship” (Cough) Stalking

March 24, 2014

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Facebook “Friendship” (Cough) Stalking

To find your “closest” Facebook friends, take this link, and drag it to your bookmark bar. Open Facebook in one tab, and then click on the new bookmarked link. Oh look, it’s all the people who stalk you (or vice versa?). The list shows people that you have interactions with most frequently. To make sure this updates based on interactions, I visited someone’s page a few times and compared their previous edge value with what should have been an updated one. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to update this rank in real time. Thinking about it further, updating the closeness of a friend every time there is some kind of user interaction seems like it could make a user’s newsfeed jump around whenever they comment/like a post.

Script Credit: The Next Web

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